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Why is my thermostat blank?

A blank thermostat usually means a loss of power at thermostat. If your thermostat takes batteries, start by changing batteries. You can also check to see if your unit has an emergency overflow pan full of water.


How cold should the air be coming out of the vent in cooling mode?

Generally you want to see the temperature 18-22 degrees colder than your return temp. If your thermostat is reading the temperature is 72 degrees inside the house, you should expect to see 50-54 degree air coming out of the vents.

Why does my outdoor unit make a loud noise occasionally while in heating mode.

If your unit is a heat pump it will occasionally go through a defrost cycle, to prevent the unit from freezing up. Indicators of unit going through defrost include: Outdoor fan isnt spinning and seeing steam. Defrost mode is normal but shouldn’t Last more than 5-10 minutes at a time.


How often should I change my filter?

Every house is different but a general answer is to check your filter once a month. Some homes need the filter changed monthly, others may last 2-3 months.


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